Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Re-evaluating, Regrouping, Re-starting - Part One

I have been sitting, staring at the computer screen for half an hour wondering how to start a post after seven months of a blogging hiatus. Reading my last few posts I have realised how much I must have seemed to have dropped off the end of the blogging world! It has been an interesting seven months, but I am sorry for leaving you hanging.

There have been quite a few challenges and changes in my life since last November. To start with, the Skinny Suitcase has been made redundant. It was great to finally be able to fit into its contents again, however they were soooo eighties and nineties that current fashion trends would not allow me to get away with pulling that look off. What was I thinking?? Also, the cause and effect of bearing children might have had something to do with it. Business for the local op-shop has been booming, and I have more storage space under my bed.

Family illnesses have been preoccupying most of Mr. H's and my spare time. A chronic cardiac illness almost got the better of Mr. H's father and we thought last Christmas would have been the last we would share with him. Fortunately, the success of trials and ongoing developing technology gave him the opportunity to have a longer life. Almost eleven weeks after major open heart surgery, and more than his fair share of complications, he is finally home and well on the road to recovery.

My darling grand-father, on the other hand, has been deteriorating since being diagnosed with Alzheimer's at the end of last year. He has had multiple serious, conflicting health issues since February which has seen him in hospital until a fortnight ago. He has been assessed as high care for a nursing home but due to the lack of beds, he is living with my parents while we wait for one to become available. The situation is far from ideal, not to mention inappropriate, and my parents are struggling to manage caring for him. It is heart breaking to watch someone you love become slowly incapacitated both physically and mentally. Old age can be so cruel. My Mummy (yes, I call her Mummy!) has been extraordinary in caring for her Dad and coping with the entire process. I am doing my best to support her through it.

On a lighter note, we took off to Byron Bay in March for a holiday. Our first in two years. We fell completely and utterly in love with the place: the beaches, the National parks, the shopping, the restaurants, the markets, the laid back attitude of the locals, the transientness of the backpackers camping out the back of their hired kombis. I surfed for the first time and, yes I got up! I will admit I was the only Aussie in my group, and I was the oldest by about eight years. I don't know if it's considered cool to have your hubby and kids on the beach cheering you on?? But hey, check me out!

Wicked!! We came home feeling very relaxed and refreshed. However, unbeknown to me, I was yet to face my next challenge. Stay tuned.

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