Saturday, 16 July 2011

Lover and a Fighter!

I don't know if any of you believe in past lives, or reincarnation but I do. And, yesterday, I learnt of one I have lived.

When I was little, there were a few things said about me that have stuck with me. Family and friends of my parents, as well as my parents, would comment on my maturity for my age. They would say I'm "an old soul", and that I "had been around before." Now, don't panic. I can be just as immature as I can be mature, with a lot of emotions thrown in. But who doesn't like being a drama queen every now and then?

Anyway, yesterday I had a massage. My first in three years. Needless to say, I was very tense and knotty. Particularly around the hips. Do you want to know why? Because, according to my new age, spirit receiving, aura reading, kinesiology and naturopathy practicing, Buddhist masseuse, I was killed in a colonial civil war by being cut across the back, not quite in half! Wow, how gruesome. She was unable to answer the following. Was it a heroic death? Was I a rebel or a conformist? Which war was it? She did tell me I was a man. Well no wonder I was killed.

So, I did some research into civil wars of the colonial period and it turns out I could have fought in any number of wars, and I could have been, well, anyone really.

My masseuse suggested I go back to my psychologist/hypnotherapist (blog post for another time) and do some regression to that time, and resolve any "issues" from my death to help release the tension in my hips. Issues??? Hello, I WAS KILLED, and I WAS A MAN! I thought those would be big enough issues. Mr. H suggested a cheaper alternative to release the tension in my hips that was a lot more fun. Cheeky bugger!

This reminded me of another past life I had that a clairvoyant told me about. A good friend and I saw this clairvoyant in Daylesford about four years ago. My friend had seen her twice before, and several of our mutual friends had also seen her. They all said how amazing she was, so along I went. She was amazing and spot on. My friend and I asked her about our friendship and the feeling we had known each other before. Apparently we had been members of a harem belonging to a very wealthy man. We were the head wives, and the party makers in the family to liven things up with the other wives. The clairvoyant seemed to believe our husband was a royal, and he was a very generous man. No "issues" there.

So there you have it. It makes this life seem rather boring, doesn't it. I have been a fighter, and a lover. I wonder how many other past lives I have lived? Do you know of any you have lived? Were you a lover, a fighter, or both? Would love to hear about them.


  1. Yeah but have you ever wondered why no-one has ever, EVER had a boring past life? You never hear "In my past life I was a middle aged woman called Bev who loved nothing more than a good cross stitch?"

    It's always "I was Cleopatra" or "I was a slave girl" etc. There's something in that, surely? I'm not THAT cynical am I?

  2. I'm sure being part of a harem was boring at times, waiting while you share your husband.

    To add, my lack of contribution to the crafts in previous lives is being amended in this life!


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