Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Home Sweet Ghostly Home

We are back home, and I am back in the land of blogging living! I've missed you too.

Our house looks beautiful, and it is so lovely to be home. I keep wandering aimlessly around the house, feeling very proud at our achievement. And, I can't help but feel smug at having such a brilliant husband. He is so clever! Mind you, I'm not so bad either. Modest aren't I? Over the last four weeks I have mastered the cordless drill, I can cornice, sand, insulate, assemble a kitchen, oil floorboards, paint windows with enamel paint (bugger of a job but I'm quite good at it), and I have discovered I am stronger than I (and Mr. H) thought. My nail hammering is improving, as too is my ability to use a roller. The vision we had for our house, and then seeing the end result has exceeded our expectations, and Mr. H has conceded that he and I make a good team.

And we're warm! What a difference insulating your house makes. No chills or draughty breezes, except when our ghost is busy. Yes, we have a ghost. I'm not sure of her name, either Joyce or Maisie. She's not intrusive like rearranging things. She seems to come and go, and she wears a nightie. I haven't established the history of the house prior to the previous owner to us. All I know that there used to be a lady called Maisie who lived here, and I think she was the original owner. I sense there was some feelings of animosity between the previous owner, Merle, and Joyce/Maisie (I hope her name is Maisie). She seems to like us though, and I get the feeling she likes what we have done to the house. Why wouldn't she?

I have been having fun decorating the house and arranging our bits and bobs. Today, I will be testing my oven's capabilities and baking for a "Show Off" morning tea for Wednesday. Please come, but if you are otherwise engaged, stay tuned for some 'before and after' pics.

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