Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Gallery: T is for.....

'T' is for tan, or lack of one, for a better phrase.

Yesterday was Melbourne Cup day, and we celebrated by going to a friend's place for the afternoon to scream at the telly and drink some grog. I will fill you in on the fact that I came off night duty yesterday morning having only had two hours sleep the day before thanks to pesky little trick or treaters banging on the front door, waking me up.

So, I had been awake since nine Sunday evening minus two hours sleep. Add sunshine, and lots of pink gin makes Jeanie go "la-di-da-di-da." During my drunken, sleepless haze, I was inspired by a friend's gorgeous tan to create a United Colours of Benetton ad.

No, that's not over exposure, that's my leg! Sexy ain't it? I'll give you a minute to put your sunnies on. Thank goodness I have a spray tan booked for tomorrow. Do you think United Colours of Benetton would like my campaign?

If you like everything 'T', head over to Tara's at Sticky Fingers, while I'll head off to the beauty salon.

As you can tell, I have sampled the 'Pink Gin in a cask' and obviously it was very yummy as I drank way too much! Adding some lemon and mint makes it even better.


  1. ahhhh we call legs that colour milk bottles here. Mine never get beyond a lovely milk bottle white. Except the year I had fake tan in the aftersun I used. I had a great tan that year!

  2. Ah tans, been a long time since I had one of those. Looks like you had a super Mel Cup Day - jealous!

  3. You have the skin tone of an English Rose! Come over here and you'll fit right in! x x

  4. Pale and interesting... I think Benetton would love your campaign.


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