Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Thumbs down to Sunbeam Customer Service

Yesterday, I rang Sunbeam to confirm that Betty and her motor were still under warranty before taking her off to the mix-master nurse. According to their website, there is a five year warranty on the motor. But I like to double check.

After being on hold for fifteen minutes, I was put through to a woman who didn't sound a day older than eighteen. Ok, maybe twenty.

All started well and, yes, the motor is under warranty. I mentioned that I needed to get my mix-master fixed quickly because I use it a lot. She asked me if I used it for a business.

Me: "If you can call it that."
Her: "There's only fifteen months warranty if it's used for commercial use."
Me: "I bake for a friend's gallery. It doesn't outline different warranties for commercial and domestic use on your website. It states five years for mix-masters. "
Her: "So you're saying it's for a business."
Me: "No. It's not a registered business."
Her: "But you just said it was for a business."
Me: "No. I said 'If you could call it that.' I bake for a friend."

She then started to get a little wound up, and proceeded to talk over the top of me. This got me very wound up. I asked her to stop interupting me, that I was the customer and a very dissatisfied one at that. She started to talk over the top of me again. I asked to talk to her supervisor. She kept talking. I hung up.

I then rang a chap in Wangaratta who services Sunbeam products who was very friendly and helpful, and that if I drove over there he will fix it within the day. Yay for Betty!

Sunbeam, your products are great, but you need to do something about who you hire in customer service. That girl was a snooty, little bitch.

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