Sunday, 13 November 2011

Where have I been?

No where, really. Just in my kitchen.

Over the last ten days I have occasionally glanced at my computer as it called to me, yearning for the touch of my fingertips on its keyboard. I could feel the gravitational pulls of the blogosphere of which I have had to defy. Honestly, I just haven't had time.

I have been flat out baking. As well as baking for the Gallery, I have baked for a 40th, and an open garden. I am also preparing to cater for a special lunch a friend is having next week.

There is one slight problem. My beloved mixmaster has blown her gears and needs a nurse.

It all happened on Friday afternoon when I was already in a fragile emotional state. There I was, beating away at a red velvet cake when suddenly a sound I had not heard from my 'Betty' became evident, and very loud. That's when the bowl stopped turning. And then, she became very hot! Then nothing.

You may remember me telling you how much I love my mix-master (and yes, I call her Betty). So you will understand why my already fragile emotional state lost composure, and I burst into tears. I rang Mr. H at work and blubbered nonsense before he had to go. So, I wiped away my panda eyes, blew my nose (in a very noisy, Pretty Woman like fashion), and endeavoured to finish the cake. Once it was in the oven, I poured myself a pink gin and, a few minutes later, I poured another. Miraculously, I immediately regained some composure.

The cake, although yummy, did not get the height it should have, and looked rather flat. So I'm not going to show you a picture of it. I will share with you the more successful feats of the week.

WARNING: These pictures may induce mouth-watering, and cause hunger pains!

Armenian Nut cakes for the Open Gardens.

Rose water meringues with pistachios
Pink meringue kisses

Macarons for a friend's 40th: rose water with coconut butter cream, vanilla with vanilla butter cream, and pistachio with orange butter cream.

Making my friend's 40th birthday cake.

The finished result. How brilliant am I!!!


Even I'm slobbering now. So that's why my kitchen has been running hot. It's no wonder Betty blew her beaters. Hopefully she'll be fixed in no time so I can attempt this.

Image from here.


  1. Oh my god you are amazing! Inspirational - I'm going to the kitchen immediately!

  2. PS. Nice apron! x

  3. Helen aka the old mummy19 November 2011 at 18:42

    nice apron - the wedding was even better!!

  4. You're right. Now I am hungry. Lovely food photos. They all look so YUMMO!


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