Saturday, 19 November 2011

My First Blogging Award!

The gorgeous Viv at Melksham Mum (in her hot new frock) has given me my FIRST EVER blogging award. So big kisses to Viv, thank you! As we say here in Australia, 'This is going straight to the pool room.'

So, here it is.

In exchange for this fabulous award, I must share with you Seven Secret Things about myself. "Ooo goody," I hear you nosey parkers saying. I then pass the award on to fifteen - fifteen???? - other suckers awesome bloggers.

1. At thirty-five I still hide in the pantry, sneaking food.

2. I like the smell of pencil sharpenings.

3. I have one toenail that isn't polished.

4. My favourite perfume is Eternity but I can't wear it all the time because it gives me hayfever.

5. I used to be an artists' model for TAFE art students. Yes, I was once quite liberated!

6. I turn my music up really loud and dance when I bake.

7. I'm scared of roosters.

That's about as secret as I can be right now. So the fifteen lucky bloggers are:


Phew. Thanks again Viv. And you look smokin' in your new frock!


  1. Hee hee, you're welcome! I now have an image of you dancing naked, sneezing your head off whilst being chased by a Cock!! (rooster!).
    Glad I'm not the only one who sneezes at smellies. ;) x x

  2. Thanks for tagging me! These types of awards are hard for chronic over-sharers such as myself ;-)

  3. Wow an artists model - that is liberated.

    have I said that we call my nan Jeanie. Only since the grandchildren were born - Great Nan was a bit of a mouthful. Her name is really Jean and my daughter Molly has Jean as her middle name. I really like the name Jeanie and kind of wish we had kept it as a first name - so unusual.

    By the way thanks for the tag!


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