Saturday, 17 September 2011

Dirty money

I finally had a chance to catch up with a few friends for a cuppa this week after school drop off. One conversation topic was our upcoming school fundraising ball, and what costumes we were all pondering to wear. (The theme is 'Around The World', and I am open to costume suggestions.)

A couple of the mums were giving another mum money for their ball tickets who then (I think this is right) shoved the money in her bra strap.

Cue conversation topic number two. Where did we used to stash our moola when we used to go out? There was the usual: jeans pocket, bra, shoes, stockings. Until one friend piped up with this one. She had a friend who used to stash her dollars in her knickers, in that extra seam of fabric in the crutch!

I think our collective "Ewwwwwwww!" was heard out on the street. We all paid for our drinks, then quickly dashed home to thoroughly wash our hands.

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