Friday, 2 September 2011

It's only 2.6kg

I'm a bit nervous today because this morning I weigh in with my PT. She's also taking my measurements. It's the halfway mark of the Swing into Shape Nine Week Challenge, and if you don't know what I'm talking about you can catch up here.

I'm nervous because my motivation has waned a bit the last couple of weeks and my natural activity has lessened since we finished the major stage of renovating. I have tried to keep it up by throwing myself into my garden and getting busy there but it's not quite happening. I'm having those "feeling podgy" days, and I hate everything in my wardrobe. Don't you hate that!

But I'm going to look on the bright side. In the last five weeks I've learnt how to do a sit-up properly without straining my neck, I've shaved over half a minute off my rowing time, I have lost some weight, and after a quick measure of the thighs last week I've lost 3cm off one and 2cm off the other (yes, I have lop-sided thighs!) A few more things have come out of the Skinny Suitcase too.

According to my scales this morning I weigh 72.5kg. I'm 2.6kg off reaching my goal for the challenge. My PT's scales have proven to be a bit heavier than mine so I might have to lose more than 2.6kg. Ok, at least 2.6kg in four weeks. Can I do it?? God I hope so because I'll be so disappointed in myself if I don't. Mr. H will have to stop buying Tim Tams. I will have to resist the "Nurses' Treats" tin at work as well as the cream biscuits. I might have to haul my bottom out of bed early to go for a walk, or for some sort of exercise. And I need to stop licking the beaters when I bake.

Don't fret. It's only for four more weeks. Come on cyber cheer squad, I need you.

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