Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Gallery: A Happy Memory

I grew up on a property my dad managed in the central west of New South Wales. It was a great lifestyle for my brothers and I, for any kid really. In those days, before OH&S and Work Safe, there was a lot we kids could do. We would help with shearing, mustering sheep and cattle, lamb marking and mulesing, drafting, calving. It was a lot of fun.

We had a creek that ran through the property, and on weekends, friends from surrounding properties would come and meet us on the creek for a BBQ picnic. And by BBQ I mean sausages and chops cooked on a plough disc over a fire.

My brothers would ride our horses down, Nutmeg and Mrs. Pepper. We had the dinghy, Mary-Rose (yes, I named her!) And, there was the flying-fox so we always took our togs (bathers/swimmers/budgie smugglers - whatever you like to call them.) There was also the resident goanna who used to amble in for a sausage or two, hang out for a bit, then climb back into his tree and watch us from there.

These are from this happy memory.

What are your happy memories? There are a lot more happy memories over with Tara at Sticky Fingers.


  1. Such wonderful pictures! I can't wait to scan more of our old pictures. I am planning to put together a book of them - when I get the time...

  2. OMG, it sounds better than the Waltons. You should write about it and make a fortune

  3. Sorry I missed this at the time, but those are a-mazing photos. So evocative and full of life. Just lovely x


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