Sunday, 11 September 2011

Listography: Games I used to play

Kate's Listography this week is games we used to play when we were kids. Fun!

1. Duck, duck, drake. This game involved you all sitting in a circle while the person who was 'in' went around the circle tapping each of you on the head saying duck, duck, duck, etc. But if that person tapped your head and said drake, you then had to get up and chase them around the circle. If they sat down in your place before you caught them, you were then 'in'. You need at least six of you to play this.

2. Stuck in the mud. It's a bit like chase, but if you were caught, you had to stand still until someone freed you by crawling through your legs. The crawler had to be careful not to get caught in the process of freeing someone.

3. "What's the time Mr. Fox?" Someone - 'Mr. Fox' - stood some distance from everyone else with their back to them. Everyone would call out "What's the time Mr. Fox?" and once Mr. Fox gave a time, everyone would approach Mr. Fox as quietly and quickly as possible. But, if Mr. Fox spun around to look, you had to stand perfectly still, and if you were caught moving, you were sent back to the start. The first person to reach Mr. Fox, tap them on the shoulder and run back to the start without being caught by Mr. Fox was the winner. I was hopeless at this game for two reasons. I was not very athletic, and therefore not very fast. So if I reached Mr. Fox, I always got caught. Secondly, I was as stealth as an elephant. I was lucky enough to reach Mr. Fox let alone be chased by him/her!

4. Brandies. Again, someone is 'it' and they tagged you by throwing a tennis ball at you. If you were hit, you were out. This game always seemed to end with someone in tears, and everyone covered in red welts. Someone would always sneak off and wet the ball, so if you were hit, it bloody hurt!

5. Having rides on the billy-cart behind the motorbike. This always guaranteed exhilarating squeals of laughter.

One of my brothers, my cousin and myself.

My cousins and uncles going for a spin.

The Squeeze (front) enjoying a ride with her cousin.

What games did you play as a kid? Did you play the same ones as me?


  1. A great list, I played most of those too. I love the photographs!

  2. How cool are those photos?! Adore them. (And check out your uncle riding a motorbike whilst holding a baby and dragging the kids behind!!)

  3. The things you could get away with in the early eighties! No OH&S then.


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