Sunday, 18 September 2011

I'm grateful for...

Brenda from Mira Narnie is hosting Maxabella Loves' Grateful Saturday this week. I know I'm a day late but I suffer FOMO (fear of missing out) when it comes to these things. So here is what I am grateful for this week.

4. A haircut. I only get my hair cut two or three times a year so it's a treat when it happens. My hairdresser is two hours away in Melbourne. She has been cutting my hair for ten years now and always does a fantastic job (at least I think so), even so that my hair grows out really well. Hence, the infrequent cuts. Here is the latest 'do' but please excuse the tired, post night duty, post workout look on my face!

5. Liquorice allsorts. I actually don't like them, but The Squeeze and The Bear love them. Why? Apparently they "make you dance."

Mr. H took the girls fishing yesterday afternoon while I slept. They picked up some liquorice allsorts from a local sweet shop on the way (in case the girls became bored trying to catch fish). Mr. H told me that no sooner had they arrived at the river, and The Squeeze and The Bear had started to eat the treats, they started dancing on a log, yelling "Look Daddy, look. See? We told you."

As for the fishing, The Squeeze caught a little rainbow trout, much to The Bear's excitement!

6. Being outside. Spring is in the air, the sun is out, the bees are buzzing and I am loving being outside more. The smell of freshly mowed grass and the warm air just rejuvinates me. Tra, la la, la la!

What are you grateful for? Pop over to Brenda's to tell us.

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  1. Hi Jeanie,
    thanks for visiting my blog...your blog header is AMAZING!!!! Love your haircut, you look so pleased with yourself it's delightful :)


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