Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Gallery: Faces

"Faces, faces everywhere. But if you could sit and stare....."

I spend a lot of my day humming songs from Playschool. The Squeeze and The Bear's favourite kids show is Playschool. Hell, I love Playschool. I love the innuendo thrown in for the grown-ups' benefits.

Tara Cain at Sticky Fingers has set this week's Photographic Gallery theme on FACES. Easy! There are three faces I photograph almost on a daily basis. So, here are a select few of those pics.

Those big brown eyes and the splash of freckles are heaven.
A perfect ski-jump nose with the most kissable cheeks in all the lands!

My "Dreamy"
I could "sit and stare" at faces all day.

If you don't know Playschool, enlighten yourself here. Have fun!


  1. Lovely, love her little nose, more so I love the fact you call your hubby Mr Dreamy

  2. Lovely :)


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