Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Pink Gin Heaven

I have a confession. I don't drink wine. Most wines give me a migraine.

WHAT????? I hear you all gasp with horror. I know. You are all probably feeling that same sympathy that I feel for people who are allergic to chocolate. I mean really, allergic to chocolate? That is just cruel.

So how do I stay sane? I enjoy a beer on a warm day, while working in the garden. I love my bubbly, which has lead me way too far down the inebriated path, via the dance floor on many, many occasions. And, I love a pink gin. But, making one is a bit of a fag.

Until today, when the darling Mr. H came home from the supermarket with a present for me.

Behold, pink gin. Not in little mixer bottles or cans. But in the wonderful glory of a TWO LITRE CASK! Absolute brilliance Gordon's. And it can be yours too for a mere $25. That's right ladies, the cask is back in drinking vogue.

Bottoms (hic) up!!


My macarons are improving. Here's a morsel of today's attempt.

Pistachio macarons with orange butter cream



  1. G'day Jeans, love reading your blogs, feels like I am sitting on ward 2 during one of the many nightshifts having a chat! Must say the pink Gin has got me,I love a G&T in summer, is it as good as the real thing? Theresa x

  2. Ok. Pink gin will be jumping into my trolley when I'm next at the supermarket!


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