Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Here's to The Squeeze!

The Squeeze turned "thixth" yesterday. (She is missing two and a half top teeth.)

This year I am trying to break the habit of having a birthday party. Instead, she is having four friends for a sleep over on Friday. Five six year olds in the house. Hardly breaking the habit, am I. Do I have a plan? Yes. And no.

The Bear is going to a friend's house for her own sleep over, just to avoid any sibling 'issues'. The swag will be rolled out in the girls' room so sleeping arrangements are sorted.

Mr. H was hoping to 'phone a friend' and escape to the pub for the night, or until the hysteria had gone to sleep. I told him to get off his bloody planet.

Other than making sure there is plenty of gin and whisky for Mr. H and myself, that is the extent of my plan. Maybe some homemade pizzas, a movie, some games, dress-ups. There, organised. Oh, the girls? They'll think of something to do.

Happy birthday my Squeezalicious.

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