Monday, 3 October 2011

Saving Frock It!

In a bid to save Rach's Frock It! over at This Mid 30s Life, I am sharing my contribution. But I think it will be hard to beat Brynne Edelsten's um, dress?

I've also chosen a frock from the Brownlow Medal. Although it is the complete opposite to Brynne's hankie, it still abides with the "When more is more."

This is Rouba Houli with her husband Bachar from the Richmond Tigers. Goes to show you don't need to bare all to look stunning.

Did a dress catch you eye? Frock It! with Rach and help stop the violins from playing!

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  1. Oh wow, I got the blogging version of a sympathy.... ummm.... bit of love. (Didn't want to be crass in case your parents read this!!)

    Thanks x


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