Saturday, 1 October 2011

This week I'm grateful for....

Maxabella has lent her Grateful Saturday out again this week. I love that because I'm discovering new and wonderful blogs. Like Jody at Lemon Rhodes who is hosting our grateful moments today.

So, this week my gratitude goes to...

7. Retail therapy. I was a little frustrated at the beginning of the week, but a little (necessary) trip to the shops solved all my wardrobe woes, and boosted my self esteem. I am now officially a size 12! My purchases included some sexy underwear. I've been wearing cottontails since the girls were born much to Mr. H's dismay. Well, not anymore! There were also a couple of nice blousey shirts, and some funky stuff from Boom Shankar. Their clothes are each hand made in Noosa. I LOVE their Guru pants - very comfy.

To add to that, Mum cleaned out her wardrobe and gave me some cool clothes. Yes, I know, I have a cool-dressed Mum. She has some groovy clothes, and a few not-so-groovy clothes (sorry Mum!) They're just not my taste. Anyway, thanks Mum.

Moving along...

8. Being "Barren Sharron" (as my tactful brothers put it). As well as shopping whilst in NSW, I spent a lot of time cuddling my wee niece. She is almost seven weeks old. I have never had a strong desire to have anymore babies since The Bear was born. That is, until now. I am completely smitten. But practically, we decided not to have anymore kids. You know, financially, spacially, etc. And, honestly, I don't think I would like myself if I had another baby. I feel I would be stretching myself too thinly, and I would be failing each of my kids in some way. Hence, due to opportune circumstances, I have been "fixed".

But I am very, VERY grateful I was able to have babies in the first place, and my heart goes out to those women who would love to be mothers but, for some reason, can't be.

9. Now I don't want to be a killjoy, but I am very grateful that today is the last day of the AFL season. Sorry to all those footy fans out there. Having said that, I hope the Cats win today. I'm more preoccupied with the Rugby World Cup. GO THE WALLABIES!!

Ok, I don't want to be a complete party pooper so, I hope the rain doesn't spoil your Grand Final day and that you're wearing blue and white somewhere while downing a few ales. And behave yourselves because I don't want to be stitching you up tonight at work and listening to you grieving your favourite footy jumper because it's blood stained.

Have a fun weekend, and don't forget to put your clocks forward tonight. xx

Sorry about the long post.

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  1. Hi jeanie, we have been preoccupied watching the rugby here too! {not so interest in AFL either!}
    Love me some retail therapy! enjoy your weekend. x


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