Monday, 22 August 2011

Bath Time!

I have hot water! Endless hot water. Yay!!!!!!

The day before we moved back into our house, our brand new, instant gas hot water system decided not to function. "What the #@*??? Urgent phone calls to the company were made, they sent out a service man (a plumber) that afternoon who was unable to fix it there and then. He rigged up a temporary electric system and said he would be back in a week with parts. He came back and still could not fix the problem. So he ordered a replacement unit (what he should have done in the first place). What he didn't make clear was whether he was requesting the current model or the one down from that. Attempts to contact him, by myself, Mr. H and the company, were futile. He didn't return any of our calls or emails. The girl I was speaking to at the company was terrific. She was patient, listened to my venting, persistent, and consulted management when necessary. Long and the short of it, she ordered the replacement unit, arranged for a different, more reliable plumber to come and install it, all the while keeping in constant contact via email.

So, for three and a half weeks, we have been putting up with a set-up that only holds fifty litres of water, and heats up on a needs basis. That is, The Squeeze and The Bear bath in three inches of water. We then wait an hour for the water to reheat before Mr. H has a shower, and then another hour before I have a shower. If I rushed, I could just have enough hot water to wash my hair. Not to mention timing washing the dishes so we don't buck the bath/shower system. Terrible isn't it? Oh the drama!

Until today. I have just been very un-waterwise and had the longest shower ever. Heaven! Looking like a raisin never felt so good. And my bossy, bolshy, pushiness has paid off. Actually, I have been quite patient and diplomatic which has even surprised Mr. H. He is quite proud of me.

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