Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bringing in the bacon.

On Saturday morning, Mr. H popped down to our local supermarket to get some bacon for brekkie. We had my parents staying down from New South Wales and a yummy hot breakfast/brunch was on the menu.

Mr. H returned with a confused smile on his face, and bacon in hand. I asked him what the look was for.

Whilst standing at the deli of the supermarket, waiting for the bacon to be wrapped, he noticed another sign on the bacon stating "This bacon was made from Australian and imported products." What the???? My imagination ran wild and I had a vision of someone in an abattoir somewhere joining the forequarters of an Aussie pig to the hindquarters of a Mexican pig (yes Mexico is one of the world's largest pig producers along with the U.S, Canada and Denmark).

May be Miss Piggy has been Down Under peddling her wares?

The saucy swine!

Mr. H questioned the deli girl who was just as perplexed. The best explanation she could offer was that they had no idea where the piggy wig came from, and the little statement was to cover their bottoms.

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  1. The bacon was delicious - Go for it Miss Piggy!!!


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