Monday, 8 August 2011

Listography - Things I'd change about myself

This week's listography is Things I'd change about myself, courtesy of Kate Takes 5. Now Kate has stipulated that this doesn't mean our looks. Well, that's good because I wouldn't change anything there. HA - just kidding! No, Kate is talking about our characteristics. Alright then, moment of truth and honesty.

1. I wish I could handle hangovers better. It doesn't take much for me to get drunk. Two wines and I'm tipsy, three and weeeeeeee! And no matter how much water I drink before stumbling into bed, by morning, OMG. Seriously, I think I'm dying every time. Ask Mr. H. He'll tell you how bad I am. I can't get my hands on as many painkillers to attempt to be rid of it quick enough. I have to stay in bed and lie very, very still and hope I can sleep it off.

2. I don't handle tiredness very well either. Not a good characteristic when you work night duty. I become irritable, intolerant and emotional. I try really hard not to be but I don't always prevail.

3. I wish I didn't interupt. I really became aware of how much I did this when I met Mr. H. I come from a family where we talk over the top of each other, and as a result we aren't always very good listeners. However, Mr. H assures me that I much better at not interupting compared to how I was.

4. Think before I open my mouth. I always have good intention behind everything I say, but occasionally my timing and my delivery give the recipient a different perception.

5. Finally, I need to learn to finish projects. Mr. H calls me 'Harry Half Job'. I have a habit of starting something and not finishing it. It seems I get side tracked easily. I started digging up the front lawn for a bigger garden two months ago and I still haven't finished. It will only take me an hour to finish the job but other stuff gets in the way of me doing it (like renovating the house.) It's on the 'to-do' list for next week, weather permitting.

So there you have it. There are other characteristics that need improvement (there always are) but I think I need a glass of wine or two before I share those with you, and frankly, I don't think the hangover's worth it!


  1. Gosh, reading these listographies are really thought provoking - I like the hangover one, could have that as my no. 6!

  2. Lots of peopels lists this week are so similar. The ones I have forgotton have usually appeared on someone elses!

  3. 'Think before I open my mouth'. I have lost count of how many people's feelings I've hurt with that trait. I call it 'straight talking'; my wife calls it 'insensitive, rude and ignorant.'
    I prefer my version

  4. I call it staight talking too, but Mr. H says I'm too honest sometimes for my own good.

  5. I wish I could handle hangovers better too! Not sure why I didn't put that on my list, but I did include a similar point to your number 5.


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