Sunday, 21 August 2011

"Here comes the sun, di di doo da"

It's Sunday morning, and I have been happily folding laundry while the rest of my family sleep in. I can imagine there are a lot of puzzled faces out there so let me explain.

First, yes I have trained The Squeeze and The Bear well and they sleep in on the weekend, most of the time. If only they would do this on the weekends I don't work. But then, if they did, I would have Mr. H nudging me instead!

Explanation number two: it is my weekend on deck at the hospital. Hence me being awake and out of bed early on a Sunday morning. I could be out of bed early on any Sunday morning just so Mr. H would LEAVE ME ALONE! (Menace.)

Finally, it's sunny!! Not foggy, damp and chilly. Well, it's still a bit chilly but I managed to get four loads of washing done yesterday, and hang it out in the sun to dry. And it dried! Most of it, anyway but that's because Mr. H forgot to bring his work clothes in off the line - his fault. At least I'll be able to answer "yes" when he asks tonight "Have I got any clean work clothes for tomorrow?" I just can't guarantee they'll be dry. We have the same conversation almost every Sunday night.

Mr. H: "Have I got any clean work clothes for tomorrow?"
Me: "I don't know, have you?"
Mr. H: "Well have you washed any because I'm out of clean work clothes."
Me: "How am I meant to know you're out of clean work clothes if you don't tell me?"
Mr. H: "Because,... coz,... you just should. It's your job"
Me: "Hmmmm, is that so?"

Back to my sunshine. I love it when the weather starts to warm up, and not just because the flowers are blooming, and the trees are blossoming, and the air smells like freshly mowed grass. It's also because my house can cease to look like a Chinese laundry and go back to looking like a home that has been recently renovated. Ahhhhhh.

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