Thursday, 11 August 2011

Before and After Pics

The hallway before...

...and after. The third rug is where the bathroom was.

The loungeroom before...

...and after.



Before the wall is knocked out,...

...and after, with new window (am yet to make the blinds).

Old bathroom

Deep set shower in which we used to bath the girls in.

New bathroom! (Lamp there because pics were taken before lighting was hooked up.)

Lovely big bath,..

..and lovely big shower.

We moved the laundry to the shed and turned it into a.....! I can look out into my garden from here.

Old kitchen.

The wall on the right is the one we knocked out. Noice lino wasn't it?

New kitchen!

Isn't it just gorgeous! And see, I have a pantry. (Where the fridge & dishwasher is, is where the fireplace was in the old kitchen.)

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  1. I love, love, love what you have you done. I want to move now as I want that space to live in!!!!


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