Friday, 5 August 2011

Jelly Legs

I can't feel my legs. I know they're there, but they seem to disappear every time I attempt to stand up. This is a bugger, really because the last piece of coconut cake with pretty pink icing sitting on its stand in the kitchen is beckoning me and I will have to stand up to get to it. Torture!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I enlisted the help of a personal trainer to lose weight. To date, I have lost 15kg since June last year. Yay me! Anyway, my PT has inflicted a nine week challenge on all her clients willing to participate. I said yes and I'm beginning to wonder why, and it's only the end of week one. Jelly legs.

So here are the specifics of the "Swing into Shape Nine Week Challenge."

1. I have to set myself two personal goals, and I have to reach or achieve my goals to be eligible for a prize.

2. My weight and measurements are recorded initially, week five, and week nine.

3. I have to choose three physical challenges to participate in. I am scored on these challenges at the beginning of the challenge, and then again at the end. Now get this, my PT will give me homework cards so I can strengthen and practice my challenges. And here I thought I would be able to collapse at home with exhaustion after each training session, and indulge in some chocolate.

These are the challenges I chose: Wall sit (timed) with a fit ball, 500m row (timed), and the Core Blimey Challenge - 50 sit ups, 50 Seated Russian Twists, 50 Elbow to Knee crunches (timed). I know, I can hear you say "Are you nuts??!!" Apparently, yes. But hopefully I will shift these last, stubborn five kilos. The greatest improvement margin wins a prize. The other prizes are for greatest weight loss and greatest centimetre loss.

At the end of the challenge, our PT is taking us all to Circus Oz Spectacular for a three hour circus training session. I've always wanted to be a clown (Mr. H has just informed me I already am one. Suppose it takes one to know one.) Plate spinning could look good on a resume. They're going to have to put chocolate at the end of the tightrope if they want me to walk it.

I know there will be dark days ahead, but I hope the cyper-cheersquad will egg me on. Now, where's that cake? Come on legs, you can do it.

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